Protecq Fasteners

Protecq brings you a complete program fastener material in blister packages. Both the slick looking sliding blister aswell as the stainless steel material are of the highest quality standards. We made a choice for AISI 316/A4 because of it’s durability because boaters take their ship out both on freshwater aswell as seawater. To be able to guarantee consistency in quality of the used stainless steel, we are sourcing the materials in the German industry.

In order not to damage the environment more than needed we offer the possibility the easy separation of the plastic blister from it’s cardboard back

This PROTECQ product gives you a very good price/quality ration and a more than acceptable enduser price.

  • AISI 316 / A4
  • 238 different blisters
  • Easy reordering in boxes of 10 pcs
  • In every box is an extra headercard with barcode
PROTECQ fastener blisters are a must for every marine outlet !